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      Women's Philanthropy

      Jewish women of Las Vegas, this is your hub for philanthropy. A resource for community service projects and volunteering.


      Jewish Emerging Leaders

      Calling all young Jewish professionals! Get involved and connect with other Jewish peers building their careers and engaging in tzedakah.



      Las Vegas' center for Jewish student life at the University Nevada Las Vegas and the College of Southern Nevada. more

      Las Vegas Senior Lifeline

      A non-denominational program of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, helping many of our valley senior citizens. more

      Business & Professionals

      A gathering for members of our business community to engage is philanthropy and other acts of tzedakah. more

      Maimonides Society

      A fellowship ofJewish physicians, dentists and health care professionals in Las Vegas. more

      Real Estate & Construction

      A philanthropy affinity group dedicated to the philanthropic goals of those in the Real Estate and Construction industries.


      Cardozo Society

      Our affinity group committed to demonstrating the unique contributions the legal profession can make to improve the Jewish community.


      Jewish Community Foundation

      Make your gift go farther, with a variety of financial products to fit your situation, you can leave a lasting legacy. more

      Kesher Israeli

      Are you Israeli? New to the Las Vegas valley? Then Kesher Israeli can help connect you to your Jewish community. more

      PJ Library

      We mail free, high-quality Jewish children's literature and music to families across the continent on a monthly basis.


      Shalom Baby

      Shalom Baby is designed to welcome newborns and their families to our Jewish community.   more